March for Our Schools


Come to Annapolis to
March For Our Schools!

On March 11th at 6 p.m., we’re holding a rally in Annapolis in front of the State House. It’s time we show up and fight for our kids, educators, and schools — we need to see you there.


An organizer will contact you about transportation.

What’s the agenda for the event?

Buses will park at the Navy Stadium beginning in mid-afternoon. The march itself will begin at 6 p.m. from Navy Stadium (the corner of Rowe Boulevard and Taylor Avenue) towards the State House and speakers’ stage (located at the corner of Rowe Boulevard and Calvert Street). The march will last for about 30 minutes. The speaking program will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will run for approximately 45 minutes. After the speaking program concludes, we’ll return to the Navy Stadium parking lot to head home. We expect most buses to be back on the road around 8 p.m.

Who is speaking at the March?

While our speaking lineup is not yet finalized, speakers will include Senator Chris Van Hollen, Prince George’s County Public Schools Board of Education Chair Alvin Thornton, Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost, and students, parents, and education advocates from across the state. Check back for updates on our speaking program!

Where should I park?

We strongly recommend riding a bus to the March; buses will be leaving from every jurisdiction in the state to come. Buses will park at Navy Stadium. Please note that cars will not be permitted to park at Navy Stadium. Parking is fairly limited within Annapolis, although street parking and parking garages do exist. If you are sure you want to drive, visit to look at different garage locations. Make sure you reserve a parking space in a garage in advance on the website! The city of Annapolis also runs a free Circulator bus downtown, with stops nearby many parking garages. You can check out the bus route here.

How can I get a ride on a bus headed to the March?

Click here to RSVP for the March; a local organizer from the county you’ll be traveling to and from will contact you about local bus locations and departure times.

Are there accommodations for people with limited mobility?

Yes. We plan to run some shuttles from the Navy Stadium parking lot to the speakers’ stage near the State House. Please note that these shuttles are intended for people with limited mobility only. We recommend bringing a collapsible chair with you if you prefer not to stand during the speaking program.

What should I bring?

Comfortable shoes are a must. Layers are a good idea. The event will be the day after Daylight Savings Time begins so there will be an extra hour of daylight, with the sun setting just about the time that the speaking program concludes. Bring some snacks and a bottle of water if you like.

There will be restrooms open at Navy Stadium and portable restrooms near the speakers’ stage.

What should I not bring?

Any weapons or anything that can be construed as a weapon (i.e. pocket knives, scissors, etc). Do not put your sign on a stick as it violates city and Capitol Police regulations.

How long is the actual march?

About three-quarters of a mile each way on a very level road.

Can I bring my own sign?

Absolutely! We will have some signs available at Navy Stadium that you can use or customize as well. Please note that signs may not be on sticks, per city and Capitol Police regulations.

If I’m not near the stage will I be able to see and hear what’s going on?

Yes. We will have a jumbotron and array of speakers that will be staged along the march route so even if you are not close to the stage, you’ll be able to follow along.